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Welcome to The Diabetes Diet Master, the online course
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1. Neither Innova Health Resources nor The Diabetes Directory is a certificate awarding
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2. The courses and education provided are meant only to give guidance to patients,
their carers, family members or anyone who wants to learn about diabetes
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3. All the educational material and information contained on this website is compiled
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5. Any data collected will be stored anonymously and can be shared or utilized for
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6. In the event of a virus, malware or any other form or cyber-attack the company shall
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7. Once a customer has paid for and started lessons or using any other service, the
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8. The course contents or website can be taken down or upgraded at any time for any
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9. This agreement may be amended at any time and the new agreement will take
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given 30 days’ notice before the amendment comes into effect.
10. Data will be stored under the Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (2019)
11. I am over eighteen years.
I have read and understood the terms of this contract agreement and I accept them all.