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Whether you are newly diagnosed or have had diabetes for a while, you deserve the support and information you need to live a long and healthy life.

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Family members and carers of patients with diabetes

People with

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Guiding You Every Step Of The Way

Diabetes education is essential for good blood sugar control and prevention of long-term health care complications.

Self-Care Education

Diabetes is a complex disease and managing it can be challenging. To help you, We have developed the Diabetes Diet Master Online Course

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  • Module 1– Food, Blood Sugar, & Diabetes
  • Module 2 – Controlling Blood Sugar
  • Module 3 – Diabetes And Exercise
  • Module 4 – Living With Diabetes

Our Core Features

Education content structured to empower you to achieve and maintain blood glucose control

Lectures which simplify key Diabetes Care Concepts

Introduction of necessary lifestyle changes as you progress

You understand what changes you need to make so it's easier for you

Closed Facebook group for continual support

Flexible subscription options

All Levels
All Levels


Hello Doctor, after the first week of following your plans, my blood sugar reduced to 94mg/dL (5.2)!

Mr. Segun AdebayoLagos

The last time I checked my sugar level it was 6.3 and I was so happy. Thank you very much!

Evans UmokoroAbia

My blood sugar came down to normal, I couldn't believe it! I was scared initially so I tested it again the next day and it was still normal.

James KaluCalabar

Hello Dr Barbara, Thank you for all the emails and encouragement on how to reduce my blood sugar. I've had diabetes for about 10 years and it has not been easy. My blood sugar used to be between 11 and 14mmol/L but now with your help and education, it's 7.5 to 8mmol/L. I'm motivated to try and get off my medication!

Cynthia DukePortHarcourt

Manage Type 2 diabetes with confidence

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