Living with Diabetes

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“Let my enemies live long and see what I will be in future.” I’m pretty confident that there’s no African city that doesn’t have a taxi or commercial bus which has this saying painted on or in the form of a sticker. In Africa, the prayer for long life is said at every significant celebration; naming ceremonies, birthdays and weddings. That is how seriously we take longevity. One fact we must come to terms with though is that not every life cut short is the work of the devil or of our enemies. There are certain things every individual must take personal responsibility for and health is in this category. It is possible to conquer and to control Diabetes. This doesn’t have to cost a fortune so don’t think it’s only for the rich. With the right knowledge, one can live a long and healthy life even with Diabetes!

I’m sure you’re asking, “What do I need to know to control or conquer Diabetes”? Well, it’s not just one thing; there are several, but they’re all related. For starters, you must understand food; the different classes of food, what cooking, or processing does to food and how your body processes food. Secondly, though we are all human, each individual is unique and what works for Mr A will not necessarily work for Mr B. So, your treatment plan; your meals, drugs, exercise etc must suit you and your lifestyle. Thirdly, you must understand why and how you should exercise

A big issue for people with Diabetes is how to cope with changes in diet and lifestyle. When you’re part of a family, it’s difficult to have your meals prepared separately each time. It’s also difficult to have to decline meals, snacks or drinks when you attend social functions, and everyone is having a good time. Then there’s having to take daily medications or insulin injections. The misery and frustration is caused by having to be different all the time! This is the reason why most people can’t keep up with the prescribed changes to their lifestyle. Well, I’ve got good news for you, you don’t have to live like this! If you learn about the three things I mentioned earlier, you’ll learn to control Diabetes, eat what you want, attend functions and join in the fun and even lose weight if you need to. And yes, you’ll live a long and healthy life (in spite of all your enemies) all things being equal!

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